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  • Kristine Metter, MS, CAE

Why this Honda Family Joined the Subaru Nation

My husband and I have been very loyal Honda customers over the years. We like their body styling, interior design, fuel economy, and the cars simply lasted a long time. But when it came time to buy new cars for each of us, we turned not to Honda but rather, Subaru. Why? On the practical side, their cars look sharp and they have outstanding safety ratings. But really, what turned us was the emotional appeal of their brand. Yes, we are kind of outdoorsy but also, they commit to doing good through their charitable partnerships and by making their sales buildings eco-friendly. Overall it just makes me happy to be a Subaru owner.

We as membership professionals can learn a lot from this experience. What is it about your member benefits that makes your members feel positive about your association? What is it about your member experience makes people happy? How do you fully commit to your brand in big and small ways?

As Tyson Jominy, Vice President of Data & Analytics at J.D. Power says about Subaru, “When a brand can connect emotionally with owners through the vehicle’s content, capabilities or prestige level, owners are much more likely to come back and purchase that same brand again.” Let’s apply this same thinking to our member experience.


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