How we can support you.

Revenue Generation

You need income to achieve your mission and serve your stakeholders. Crystal Lake Partners can help you with the full range of dues and non-dues revenue streams. With deep experience in revenue strategy and operations, we build strong, balanced approaches that assure long-term financial health.

Member Experience

The heart of an association is its members and the many ways they interact with the organization and each other. Crystal Lake Partners can help you take a fresh look at your membership program and how you recruit, retain, and actively engage your members.  


Do you need support in designing or managing your events? Crystal Lake Partners can help you think through your goals and audiences as well as assist you in executing your events. We operate seamlessly with your staff to design and brand your events, produce your general sessions, and help you with VIP management.


You need a trusted partner to support your work to set a long-term vision and deliver on that vision. Crystal Lake Partners can guide you to discover key trends, consider a changing environmental context, and establish a solid structure that results in future success.

Program Assessment

A third party can provide the fresh perspective on your strategies and operations that is needed to move your organization forward. Crystal Lake Partners is skilled at quickly assessing your current situation, helping you set priorities, and recommending a path forward.

Interim Leadership

Have staff transitions created a temporary talent gap on your team? Do you have a short-term project that needs effective leadership? Do you need someone to be a change agent? Crystal Lake Partners provides interim senior staff leadership in a wide variety of areas.


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