How we can support you.

Turn to Crystal Lake Partners when you need a trusted partner to set your long-term vision, bring a fresh perspective, or someone to supplement your existing staff. We provide strategic support, program assessment, implementation guidance, and interim leadership in four areas:

Grow Revenue

You need diverse sources of income to achieve your mission and serve your constituents. Turn to Crystal Lake Partners to maximize existing dues and non-dues revenue streams as well as explore opportunities to develop new products and programs. With deep experience in revenue strategy and operations, we build strong, balanced approaches that assure long-term financial health.

Organizations benefit from adopting a culture of foresight to keep them prepared for an uncertain future. We work with governing boards, volunteers, staff, and key stakeholders to explore drivers of change and integrate futures-thinking into your strategy and operations. We listen to your pain points and aspirations to develop a practical action plan, guide you through that plan, facilitate future-focused discussions, and provide built-in accountability.  Learn more.

Strengthen Stakeholder Experience

The heart of an association is its members and the many ways they connect with the organization and each other. We can help you take a fresh look at your membership program and how you recruit, retain, and actively engage your members. Beyond members, how are you involving non-members, participants, and other constituents throughout the association’s profession or industry? We drive organizations to broaden their perspective about who they serve and work with them to deliver value to the full spectrum of stakeholders.

Design Meaningful Events

The array of options for conceptualizing and conducting events has exploded. Do you need support reimagining your strategy? Drawing on our certification in digital event strategy and our deep experience with in-person meetings, we collaborate with you to create effective omnichannel programs that deliver value to your constituents how they want to interact and learn.