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Our insights and recent work.


Lean into Change
Associations Now Board Brief
Winter 2021
“As you turn from crisis management and survival to focusing on the future, it’s important to adopt a resilient mindset and embrace continuous learning.”

Leveraging the Pandemic’s Disruption to Adopt Foresight and Drive Innovation

Association Ventures Playbook

December 2020

“Adopting and embracing a culture of foresight is one framework to explore new strategies and new business lines, especially during this period of uncertainty and when there are no available best practices to follow.”

Reimagine and Partner to Grow Association Events Revenue

Association Ventures Playbook

July 2020

“With the pandemic’s continued spread and the ongoing need to be physically distant, our evolving event strategies now aim to embrace new audiences in novel ways.”


Putting the Participant First

Association Ventures Playbook

June 2020

“Think of various participant pathways and desired outcomes and don’t offer the one-size-fits-all event experience. By broadening your scope, you create opportunities to meet people where they are, serve immediate participant needs and advance the organization’s mission and financial goals.”


Designing Association Events in the COVID New Normal

Association Ventures Playbook

May 2020

“If you are willing to set aside how you used to structure your events and start with a blank slate, you can open your thinking to new service lines and new business models.”

Annual Conference Disruption: Lessons Learned from the 2020 Pandemic
April 2020
Interviews with association leaders who had to cancel at least some portion of their spring 2020 annual conference.

Strategic Planning as It Relates to Relationship-Building, Engagement, and Affiliation

Membership Essentials: Recruitment, Retention, Roles, Responsibilities, and Resources Second Edition


“Membership may not be a pillar of your strategic plan in and of itself, but by putting membership at the center of the conversation, you are setting the best possible focus for your strategic planning efforts.”


Transitioning from Staff to Consultant

Presented to Fridays@4

November 2020

An overview of steps to take in setting up a consulting practice.


Future Focus: How do today’s key events impact what associations will look like in 2120?

Presented during ASAE’s annual meeting and exposition

August 2020

A primer on the practice of foresight and wild card events followed by a panel discussion on how leaders are implementing foresight in their associations.


Empowering You to Manage Your Association Today and Tomorrow

Presented to the Free and Charitable Clinic State Association Leadership Forum

April 2019

A broad overview of association management principles and a deeper diver into the practice of foresight.


Using Trends and Environmental Scanning to Steer Strategic Planning

Presented at ASAE’s Annual Conference

August 2016

An overview of the interdependence of strategic planning and environmental scanning.

Get Clear on Current Association Trends

Presented at ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference

March 2016

An introduction to using trends in association planning activities.


How to Define and Monitor Association Trends

Presented at ASAE's Annual Conference

August 2015

Tools and techniques for scanning the environment and identifying trends.

Polish the Apple or Create a New Fruit? The Journey to a New Association Name and Brand

Presented at ASAE’s Annual Conference

August 2014

An overview of the process and lessons learned from an association’s rebranding.


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